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A lot of guys don't know how to shave properly. Even fewer guys will reach out to learn the skill. My aim was to playfully showcase Art of Shaving's number one unique selling proposal: teaching you how to shave while giving you one of the best shaves of your life. The bold use of double entendre is suitable for my audience, men 18-34.



Below you'll see work created while I worked as creative intern for Amusement Park. They are very serious about offering real work to their interns. This is just a taste of what they allowed me to work on. All  examples are team efforts with an art director.


Webstaurant is a website that provides restaurants with the supplies needed to do...well, what they do. Without the expected supplies, customers are going to have an unexpected experience.


My most serious piece. Just kidding. This is ridiculous. Ice wine takes a special kind of person and a special kind of place to harvest. It's only made in two countries in the world. My aim was to highlight the individual sacrifice made by the growers.


Goose Island was a fun one. The concept is simple, especially to beer drinkers. Goofy visuals for print and an even goofier commercial are here for you to enjoy.


Brooster is a beer information app that I've concepted. I developed the idea when I realized how much beer knowledge I didn't have compared to my friends. Apps similar to this exist, however they do

not feature all of the elements I've included nor do they have

this commercial.


Jelani Warren has suffered from severe creativity for many years now. He is a big fan of craft beer, bears and laughing very loudly. He wanted to see if he could write an "about" section that had enough words to

totally fill a text

box as large as

a picture of him.

Mission Complete.

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